Sunday, January 3, 2010

Building a relationship map in a foreign city.

A web site to actually truly find interesting people online.

Let’s start with the idea that meeting people is difficult, and it becomes even more difficult if you are in a foreign country and city. I currently live in London and even in a city so big and so crowded; it has been so difficult to build a friends network from scratch. It’s even more ridiculous how difficult it has been for me to meet the British people. I am glad that is changing and forgive me non-british friends as I am also very happy to be your friend and referring to you in this post.

I wonder how people used to meet people in the past. I have to admit that perhaps I am a case of anti socialism or an early generation net member, as my experience with meeting people on a chat or via email was never something that scared me or raised my suspicions. Although I have to confess that yeas, I had also bad experiences, like photos not matching profiles or crazy people with ridiculous stories, etc. But if it not were because of the Internet, probably my life, as I know it now, wouldn’t be the same, because basically, through online chats I met some of the most important people in my life and that still are part of it.

For those reasons, when I first came to the UK, I had very high expectations about meeting people online as I knew it would play a crucial roll in how my adaptation process would develop.

Over the time I have been an online dater or “friender”, I have witnessed how it has changed from being only a place to meet early Internet adopters to now a very diverse landscape of websites where you can meet people for as crazy as your needs are and you can be as specific as
you may want to be.

Literally it has become like a shopping cart for leads and partners. For example I have no idea what part of my profile triggers ads on my Facebook for people interested other people wearing uniforms, that’s spooky and hilarious but apart from that, there are so many options for whatever your interest are.

I found particularly interesting and genuinely a good place to meet interesting people, no strings attached, in Soulmates at the Their selling line is “all you need for a good date”, and I have to agree on this. They do deliver really what they sell, and they do it amazingly!
Lately I have caught myself with an addictive behaviour to “meet” (electronically) new people
through this website on a more regular basis. Not all the time I have the time or energy to go and meet in person, but I tend to at least engage in long email discussions which has been rather
fun and on top of that I get to know more about the British culture or at least practice my English!

I think this model works so well basically because in theory, “nicer people” go and read the newspaper, and independent one, etc. and to put it as in “shopping language” its like swapping grocery shopping from Iceland to Mark & Spencer.

Better and more interesting people in general, better and longer conversations, and in the end if you are “shopping” for love, there is a higher chance to find it there instead to the randomness of a night out.


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