Saturday, January 2, 2010

Introduce me.

First order of business, forgive me if there are some grammatical mistakes in my following posts. I am originally from Mexico City in the great and wonderful country of Mexico. Perhaps you are not familiar with my culture but you may have heard more about the Aztecs or Mayas, so well, that's where I come from. We speak Spanish and I have adopted English as a second language after abducting myself from my country since 2007.

The purpose of this blog is to express my multiple opinions about products, service that I have used or come across while living here in the UK. Some of those products were already available in my country, however it just happens that I became a user now that I live on this latitude.

I tend to express my opinion with very little filtering and editing in my words, I have been writing blogs in Spanish for longer, but this is the first time I do it in English, so please, do not take everything I say as granted as like most of consumers, I tend to build my opinions mainly in my personal and sole experience.

Please, continue reading and comment will be very useful and to engage in discussion. I might be wrong most of the times and you may help me identify my mistakes. Thank you again and welcome to my blog.

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