Monday, January 4, 2010

One, Two or Three

Stay in touch like if you were at home

When I arrived to the UK, I was unsure about which mobile network choose, and first thing I tried, was to unlock my current mobile, however the dodgy internet cafĂ© that had a sign of unlocking, just couldn’t unlock my Motorola E2, probably because this model was never sold here in the country or not sure about the reason but then, my net step was to I popped in to one a Car phone warehouse shops.

This shops quite an interesting place to buy your mobile because they are resellers and show you all the networks at once, and although I have always been suspicious about resellers, as I always think they have higher prices than the actual shop, which in the case of Carphone, that is actually wrong and they are even cheaper, but that is a different topic, so let me carry on saying that I bought the cheapest mobile at that time, with the Vodafone network, which was a good enough for what I was paying.

I learned that the British mobile market is all about choice, particularly beneficial for consumers as we get cheaper options with tons of minutes to call or to text, basically if you’re only interested in texting and calling locally, which in my opinion, as a foreigner is not really useful because you tend to know very few people and those unlimited text would be just a waste of money, I was more keen in a network that would give me something that I would really like be in contact with my friends and family at home.

Some offer cheap international calls but that’s just good enough, compared to free MSN Messenger or Skype calls offered by Three, and of course I know MSN Messenger and even Skype possibly are not the most popular chats in your country, but luckily for me, at least MSN was so that offer was all I needed to know to choose them although I didn’t know that many people, usually other networks users, say that Three has bad signal problems, but seriously don’t trust them. All of them are about the same.

The best part of it was the free Skype calls even without credit and I have to say that I was even suspicious about the whole free calls thing; but so far and after a year of being a customer of them, I have not had any problems at all. They offer is free and they are for free, no catch at all.

Nowadays, I am completely hooked with this service, basically because I can call my friends when they are online like if I were placing a regular call, out on the streets without any wifi networks or anything else and it works amazingly, although I have to admit I have also increased my spending on Skype credit to make international calls to their landlines, but that’s a rather cheap and convenient way to call them and I don’t have to think about calling cards anymore.

Finally, what made the service worth every pence, is when my parents got a Skype phone to plug to the internet, that made a huge difference and made it even more convenient for family as now, my Mum doesn’t need to go in front of the computer to get my calls. She just picks up the phone as normal and now I just can literally call her daily and nag with her without thinking about the charges ;).


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